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After Care

After Care:

A huge part having great results is your regiment, please follow the below instructions to achieve optimal results:

  1. Keep the area clean. Always wash your hands prior to touching or preforming after care treatment.

  2. Keep the area dry, pat to dry any lymph fluid

Avoid scratching, steam or heavy sweating.  Avoid skin peeling or products containing Retin-A, Alpha Hydroxy or Glycolic Acids. No cream, soap, lotion or make-up to the treated area. Avoid swimming, saunas or jacuzzi tanning for 10-14 days as this may impact the pigment absorption.

Day 1: For the first two night before bed apply a small amount of water to a Q-tip, pat to dry then add a small amount of anti-bacterial ointment.

Day 4-5: If dryness appears, on day 4 you can add a scant amount of coconut

Please Note: There are several phases to the healing process. Initially it may appear red and swollen which will subside within a couple of days. Your new brow may look sharp and dark, this will gradually soften. Lightening up by about 30-50%. As the healing process continues, your skin may look dry or flaky. Your pigment may be loss or disappear, but will reappear with a few weeks. Allow time for the healing process and doesn’t forget to book your follow up 6 weeks refining appointment.

Cautions: If the area has worsened redness, warm to the touch and/or discharge (pus); please visit your health care provider within 24hrs.